Witnessing the birth of a work of art is a profound, unforgettable experience—a gateway to connecting with art at its core.


An art space conceived through collaboration with an art foundry. A distinct fact with any gallery allows us to offer our collaborators a complete vision of the creation process and a close relationship with the work and its artist. Seeing a work of art come into being is a vital experience, impossible to forget, the best way to approach art. Everything happens in the studio or workshop. Doubts, successes, how the various materials intervene, the temperatures to be able to work… a whole universe revealing the miracle of art from fire, water, earth and air. Moreover, we
are located in one of the territories with the highest number of artists in the world; therefore, we also want to be a reflection of everything that surrounds us.


Our team comprises diverse technical profiles tailored to meet our needs.

Laura Mariana Costessich. She leads, thinks, assists, resolves, and still finds time to work as a lawyer. She is the mastermind behind Art in Progress.

Rodolfo Buchhass. Rudy is our workshop director, our genie in the lamp. He works hand in hand with artists, solving their technical challenges to achieve the desired finish, backed by a lifetime of expertise. His love for the craft is boundless.

Toni Álvarez de Arana. Historian and art critic. Cultural technician and manager. Curator and artistic advisor of Art in Progress. Surrounded by paintings and sculptures since childhood, he was captivated early on. His passion for art knows no bounds.


Our compass shows us a path that is already implicit in our name. In order to make progress, we are committed to becoming a culture meeting point. We want to go beyond a place to find good works of art or simple exhibitions, and our space allows us to do so. To host monumental projects, as well as talks, round tables, screenings, meetings with artists, presentations of books, poetry, music, or displaying films in all their different footages. Art in Progress was born out of the willingness to become a reference point and a door to the outside world for the best artists who live and work in the territory.


We inaugurated our space in Serra de Daró, in the heart of the Empordà in 2020. Due to the pandemic, our activities were reduced until July 2022, when we reopened presenting the latest works by Alexis Minkiewicz. We are currently working on a program that brings together big names, established figures and emerging artists, without any distinction of techniques or styles, but always committed to quality as a hallmark. It is a statement of intent where photography also has its space in the form of an annual exhibition, with top names such as Maspons, Biarnés, Colita or Pomés. Another aspect defining an art space is its wardrobe background. We have started with some works by Oteiza, Miró or Tàpies, to which others such as Alechinsky, Ansesa, Knop, Canogar, Celcer, De Andrés, Minkiewicz, Niebla, Renau, Saura or Tapia should be added. However, what can really make the difference is having a catalog with more than 100 artists, with the possibility of even visiting their studio or meeting them in
person. Artists from all over Spain, but also from France, England, Germany, Argentina, the United States or Japan, that is to say, from half the world. Creators having an international recognition, with a significant foreign market – we are a partner of the largest photographic archive in the country, with names such as Oriol Maspons, Juana Biarnés or Leopoldo Pomés, and firms such as Xavier Escribà,
who worked with the Marlborough gallery, or Hiroshi Kitamura, image of Massimo Dutti at the Pitti Uomo Trade Show in Florence – have already joined a project.



Our programming brings together prominent names, established figures, and emerging artists, without distinction of techniques or styles, always emphasizing quality as our hallmark.



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We look forward to your visit.

An art space conceived through collaboration with an artistic foundry enables us to provide a comprehensive view of the creation process and an intimate connection with the artwork and its artist.


Riells 2, 17133
Serra De Daró


+34 658 772 020
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