by Artur Aguilar, Victor Pérez Porro, Juan de Andrés, Pére Bellés, Cado Manrique, Eusebio Sempere, Moisés Villélia, Victor Vasarely y Josep Canals


This coming Friday, April 7th, at 12 noon, right in the midst of the Easter holidays, we are opening the season in Serra de Daró, in the heart of Ampurdán.

Titled ‘Sensitive Geometry,’ and thanks to the productive winter months, we are thrilled to present the works of Artur Aguilar, Pere Bellés, Cado Manrique, Víctor-Pérez-Porro, and our special guest, Juan de Andrés, all at once. These five distinct paths lead us to the realm of geometric art. The exhibition is complemented by pieces from historical figures Eusebio Sempere, Moisès Villèlia, and Víctor Vasarely, along with two Moebius artworks by Josep Canals, welcoming you as you enter our art space. In total, there are more than 80 works at your disposal, offering an opportunity to explore an essential current within recent Art History. We are confident that the presented artworks will surprise and captivate every visitor who steps into the gallery.

We look forward to your presence and would like to remind you about the guided tour on Sunday, April 9th, at 12 noon, led by participating artists from the exhibition.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming activities. See you this Friday at 12 noon. See you soon