by Artur Aguilar, Pep Camps, Xavier Escribá, Silvia Hornig, Hiroshi Kitamura, Luis Krauel, Maria Mercader, Alexis Minkiewicz, Álex Pallí, Victor Pérez Porro, Jorge Tápia, Alberto de Udaeta y Oriol Maspons


On August 27th, ‘Statement of intents,’ the inaugural exhibition curated by Toni Álvarez de Arana, opened at Enlace Art in Progress, the new open art space in Serra de Daró.

True to its name, the exhibition aims to unveil the roadmap of this new hub for visual arts in our region. It features works by Xavier Escribà, Hiroshi Kitamura, María Mercader, Pep Camps, Narcís Gironell, Javier Garcés, Mireia Mateo, Raúl Barrilado, Fernando Tapia, Naum Knopp, Manolo Sierra, and Silvia Hornig. An eclectic selection of artists, ranging from classics to established figures and emerging talents, blurring the lines between abstraction and figuration—a concept that, as stated by the exhibition curator, has long lost its relevance. The selection is complemented by two iconic images by Oriol Maspons, underscoring the importance of photography, which will feature prominently in this new cultural initiative, occupying at least one exhibition per year. The Ampurdán and its rich array of local art will be the main source of inspiration for this artistic endeavor, which aims to transcend the traditional gallery format.

Enlace Art in Progress presents itself as a limitless space for artists. Its location in an industrial warehouse enables the undertaking of large-scale projects, residency programs, and various other art-related endeavors. Together, it represents a new approach in our region, aspiring to become a sort of art factory in the heart of Ampurdán.