By Michael Dunev, Duaita Prats, Brume, Maria Alzamora


This fall, Enlace Art in Progress is launching a new exhibition. PhotoEnlace’23 is the first in what is intended to be a long list of exhibitions dedicated to the world of photography. Michael Dunev, Duaita Prats, Brume, and Maria Alzamora are the artists featured in the first show presented by the gallery in Serra de Daró, joining the path initiated by the Miserachs Biennial in Palafrugell and the town of Cadaqués, which are gradually turning Empordà into a must-visit destination for all who enjoy this artistic format.

Michael Dunev, a resident of Torroella de Montgrí, has been capturing and collecting what he calls “unrepeatable moments” with his camera since the 1970s. His work is the result of numerous travels, and his critical eye will take us to different locations, never forgetting the local scenery with his fantastic collection of huts built on the beach of Gola del Ter, one of the series featured in the exhibition.

Duaita Prats, with “Under My Skin,” brings us her most intimate and personal project. This work will not leave anyone indifferent, with the added feature of frames that have been specially recovered and manipulated for the occasion, where the artist sheds her prejudices to present herself freely and absolutely empowered. This series of works is based on photography, but each piece is unique, with no possibility of repetition.

Under the artistic name of Brume hides the French artist Clarie Cayla, who resides in Terrades. In this exhibition, she presents works from two recent series, Être and Two People. In the former, she stages portraits, focusing on the anachronistic dimension of everyday characters, as if they were trying to escape from their own figures, while in Two People, she attempts to pair characters from different space-time contexts based on their singularities.

The last artist in the lineup is Maria Alzamora. The youngest of the participants, she has a solid and well-defined career path. Currently living and working in London, she presents “The Minimal Gesture,” the series that earned her a photography award from the Vila Casas Foundation in 2020. These works, which not everyone could enjoy due to the pandemic and its mobility restrictions, stand out for their thorough study of the relationship with our bodies through the movement of different dancers.

Together, the Enlace Art gallery in Serra de Daró invites us to four simultaneous exhibitions by four artists from different generations. The dialogue is set. The inauguration will take place next Saturday, October 14th at 6 p.m. The exhibition will be open until the end of December.