by Silvia Hornig, Hiroshi Kitamura, Maria Mercader y María Boneo


Essences stands out for its unique approach. A Japanese sculptor, Hiroshi Kitamura, settled in Ampurdán for years, a young talent like Maria Mercader, and two exceptional guests. On one hand, Silvia Hornig, a painter from Berlin, and on the other, Maria Boneo, an Argentine sculptor with a strong presence in Miami. Together, they demonstrate that art is a universal language, regardless of its origin. They also reaffirm, once again, the quality of local artistic proposals, showcasing the strength of Ampurdán as a region rich in fine art—a heritage we often overlook.

Essences also embodies the international perspective of our gallery, as usual, presenting local art alongside international figures, many of whom are exhibiting in our country for the first time. This happened in our previous exhibition with Guy Ferrer, and it happens again with Maria Boneo, marking her debut showcase in Spain despite being a prominent figure in America.